Your song chords guitar

“Your Song” was praised by critics upon its release and in subsequent years. Writing in NME on its release, Derek Johnson wrote, “The song itself is glowing and strangely haunting, the scoring is smooth and delicate and the performance is symptomatic of a new era in pop idols. ” Bill Janovitz from AllMusic described it as a “near-perfect song”. In a 1975 interview with Rolling Stone, John Lennon recalled, “I remember hearing Elton John’s ‘Your Song’, heard it in America—it was one of Elton’s first big hits—and remember thinking, ‘Great, that’s the first new thing that’s happened since we (The Beatles) happened. ‘ It was a step forward. There was something about his vocal that was an improvement on all of the English vocals until then. I was pleased with it. ” John Mendelsohn from Rolling Stone called the song a “pretty McCartney-esque ballad”. In the 2019 book ‘Elton John: Every Album, Every Song – 1969–1979’, author Peter Kearns made the following quote in reference to ‘Your Song’. “The words securely insulate themselves against possible criticism by admitting their ineptitude for the task at hand. ‘.