Year 3000 guitar chords

The music video for the song begins with Matt Willis playing a video game called “Stay Alive”. When he loses, the video zooms out to view the band playing the song’s intro in a bedroom. After Charlie Simpson starts singing, they hear an explosion-like sound outside. They look out of a window to the backyard and find their neighbour Peter, played by James Bourne’s brother Chris, standing next to a Vauxhall Viva customised like the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future. They get in the car and Peter takes them to the future. The song continues as they go through a time vortex, and arrive in the year 3000. They see lots of changes, such as various aliens, flying cars and the fact that everyone now lives under the ocean. They also see three triple-breasted women, one of whom throws her bra at them and the three boys fight over it.