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Before the video’s release, Cathy Gurley, the head of public relations at Capitol Nashville, arranged a screening for industry women. They unanimously endorsed the video, describing it as a powerful statement against domestic violence. The video was released to CMT and The Nashville Network (TNN), where CMT immediately named it a “Pick Hit. ” On May 1, the day after the video’s release, TNN banned the video. CMT pulled it soon after, with a CMT representative commentating that the network was “in business to entertain, not to promote or condone gratuitous violence or social issues. ” TNN offered to resume airplay if Brooks would film a disclaimer for the end. Although Brooks and Gurley read the TNN script, he refused to film the additional scene, saying it felt as if he would be using the controversy to promote the video. Brooks told TNN they could add a disclaimer if they chose, but he was not going to compromise his vision.