Sex and candy guitar chords

Music critics mostly praised the song. Some found it sensual; many compared it to the music of Nirvana. Some critics interpreted the track as a love song, while others thought its lyrics were nonsensical. Commercially, “Sex and Candy” peaked at number 2 on the Canadian RPM Top Singles chart, number 8 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number 1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Songs chart, staying there for a record-setting 15 weeks. Worldwide, the single reached the top 20 in Australia, Iceland and Norway; it is the band’s only hit song. A music video was directed and conceptualized by Jamie Caliri, depicting Wozniak’s head protruding from a hole inside of a mountain and a crawling spider; it has been interpreted in Freudian terms and compared to the work of Salvador Dalí. “Sex and Candy” remains popular on rock radio and has been covered by Maroon 5 and Slothrust.