Nothing else matters guitar chords

The music video premiered on MTV on February 26, 1992. [citation needed] It was directed by Adam Dubin, and edited by Sean Fullan. The clip consists of parts of the A year and a half. . . video tape which was shot during the recordings of Metallica. [citation needed] One of them shows Hetfield playing a Gibson EDS-1275 guitar during the second chorus. MTV will not air the video during daytime hours anymore because it features nudity in the form of pin-up posters and Playboy centerfolds that are taped up in the studio. It also has a picture of Winger’s Kip Winger which Lars Ulrich is seen throwing darts at. On the band’s 2006 music video compilation DVD, the posters are censored, as was done with the nudity featured in the music videos for “Turn the Page” and “Whiskey in the Jar”.