No air guitar chords

Having the chord progression of F♯-E-G♯m-B, the song is written in the key of F# Mixolydian. Its time signature is of common time. Both Sparks’ and Brown’s vocals range from the note of F♯3 to the note of F♯5. Nick Levine of Digital Spy called the song “an R&B power ballad” and said it makes “full use of her impressive set of pipes. ” Bill Lamb of About. com wrote “from the kickoff of Jordin’s echoey vocals it sounds like “No Air” is so light and weepy it needs special effects and production tricks to cover up the fact that there really is not much of a song here. Steve Perkins of BBC Music awarded the song five stars and said “by the time [“No Air”] hits the final stretch, the title actually seems rather prophetic, since Jordin and Chris are yodelling away at the tops of their voices to the extent that you wonder how they’re concealing their need to gasp for big lung bucketfuls of precious oxygen every thirty seconds. ”