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The Shins were not truly a band when James Mercer composed the song, and the idea of making music his career seemed uncertain. The song’s creation was partially a reaction to the music scene in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the band’s hometown, which Mercer described as “macho, really heavy, and aggressive. ” He characterized it as a punk rock-esque move akin to giving the finger to the entire town. The song was born out of frustration regarding his personal life and future. “It’s definitely a moment in my life, that sort of angst and confusion about what my future was going to be,” he remarked. He described it as a “Saturn return” period of his life, in which he felt he could not relate to anyone in his hometown and his life there had become depressing. He had become a “hermit” working on the band’s debut album, Oh, Inverted World, and had lost interest in partying with friends. The line “Gold teeth and a curse for this town” refers to his songwriting talent and his feelings on Albuquerque.