I run to you guitar chords

Boss of All Bosses received a generally positive reception from music critics who saw it as an improvement over his major label debut Already Platinum. AllMusic’s David Jeffries praised the album for being a return to Slim’s early mixtape years, concluding that “this raw album is a welcome throwback that no longtime fan should be without. ” Pedro Hernandez of RapReviews praised the production for being a return to the Southern sound and Slim for expressing his voice through different topics throughout the whole album, saying that it “sounds like the triumphant introduction to Thug’s unique brand of Texas rap rather than Thug trying to conform to the current trends. ” DJBooth gave a mixed review of the album, saying that some of the songs’ lyrical material and production was given some flair but others felt by-the-numbers despite Slim’s performance, concluding that, “All things considered, Slim Thug can still maintain his administrative position in the game despite this sophomore slump. ”