Give a little bit guitar chords

Taylor Hanson said the guys have a new mission with this video. “With the ‘Give A Little’ video, we’re more thinking, ‘Hey this is about creating a template, a backdrop that just makes you love the song more,’ ” he explained to MTV News. “The difference with this song and the video is that it’s much simpler and much more about getting the song ingrained in your mind, thus was a very different thing. ” “When we made the video, it was kind of the release after the high production of ‘Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’, ” Taylor explained. “With the ‘Give a Little’ video, it’s almost back to the blank slate. We invited all these dancers. We just set up a room, cranked up the music and threw a party and let people dance. The attitude is not about everyone doing the same moves; it’s about putting a unique twist. ” “There’s this energy to it,” Taylor said. “Strangely, there’s this dance theme. We’re not known for our dancing, but dancing is this metaphor that’s in the record. Kind of, ‘Get out there and let loose. ‘