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Straub launched his first comic, Checkerboard Nightmare, online in 2000. The strip was self-aware, using metahumour extensively, and the title character, Checkerboard Nightmare (Chex) being obsessed with gaining fame as a webcomic character and willing to do anything necessary to achieve it. The setup of the strip does not change beyond ‘Chex wants new readers and concocts a hare-brained scheme to get them’, satirising the strict adherence to format exhibited by, for example, sitcoms. Its targets expanded as the strip progressed, and shifted from satirising webcomics to the search for fame in general with the move to Keenspot. Checkerboard Nightmare was originally hosted independently, it moved to Keenspot for a time, before becoming one of the founding comics of Blank Label Comics. During 2006, it appeared monthly on the webcomic news site Comixpedia.