All you need is love guitar chords

DJ Magazine commented, “Old school to the core, this throbs and pulses with a deep electro bassline, Herve’s angelic vocal in stark contrast to the darkness underpinning it. Lee Van Dowski takes things darker still for the 8am crowd, while Gesaffelstein from Paris forgets his manners by surpassing the original with six-and-a-half minutes of perfection. How rude. ” Jeff Timoney from Ibiza-Voice noted, “In many ways, it hits the spot perfectly – weird enough to be interesting. . . . pop enough to be a guilty pleasure. ” Sascha K√∂sch from German magazine Debug described the song as “simple beats, simple bass line, a little over enthusiastic, yet the track comes back to an unexpected house sound, which gives the piece a distinctive classical sound. ” Johnny Loftus from The Village Voice opined, “the French DJ still has charisma like a carpenter has nails, and might even find another gear in this Gaga-fied era of fembot dancefloor operators who seduce with attitude and electro break amplification. In short, Kittin never got declawed. ”