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Christian worship song lyrics with guitar chords

A great deal of emphasis was placed on the forms of worship, as they were seen in terms of the Latin phrase lex orandi, lex credendi (“the rule of prayer is the rule of belief”)—that is, the specifics of one’s […]

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Sweet sweet spirit chords guitar

On January 4, 2016, Scott announced on his Snapchat account that he would be revealing the title for his new album at the time. While going on the road, Scott had been tweeting on what the title is to the […]

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Shine on you crazy diamond guitar chords

Due to office politics Ga Jai Choi (Bobby Au Yeung) a successful business executive is assigned to become the headmaster of a school. The school (the Sam Shui Agriculture and Fishing General Staff Association Wan Leung Chan Charity Funding Porry […]